Residential Real Estate

Neat & Tidy

We pride ourselves on careful due diligence and quality service in this practice area. We are very familiar with the local real estate market, by-laws and regulations, and the players. We do our best to identify risks early and assess each deal with our clients’ goals in mind. Our priority is to make your real estate transaction as smooth as possible.
Our clients include individuals, estates, private corporations, and municipalities. We provide a range of services, from development, to financing, to construction, and to conveyancing. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or a serial investor, ask us about:

  • Buying or selling homes, cottages, or condominiums;
  • Purchase & Sale Agreements;
  • Refinancing and mortgages;
  • Residential tenancies and leases;
  • Title rectification and possessory claims;
  • Transfers of title;
  • Quieting of Titles.

Contact us to ask about our services or for an estimate of legal fees and disbursements.

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