Estate Planning Guide

People in Newfoundland and Labrador who are thinking of making or updating a Last Will and Testament, an Enduring Power of Attorney, or an Advance Health Care Directive, or who have other questions in relation to their plan for their estate, sometimes ask some of the same questions. Do I need a Will? How do I make a Will? How do I choose an executor? What is a beneficiary? What is an Enduring Power of Attorney?

Many of these questions have simple answers, or can be answered quickly with some basic information. For that reason we have prepared an Estate Planning Guidebook that provides some general information and some definitions for terms commonly used by lawyers and estate planning advisors.

Download your free copy of our Estate Planning Guidebook.

Please note that this document is not meant as legal advice or to create a solicitor-client relationship with our office. Rather, it is meant to help people understand and consider some key questions before they meet with a lawyer or other estate planning advisor, so they are better equipped to ask the right questions and to have a more intelligent discussion about their options and intentions.

If you are a client of our firm please also ask about our Estate Planning Worksheet.

If you are a resident of Newfoundland and Labrador or own property here and are looking for legal advice or help in making a plan for your estate, please feel free to contact our office to ask about pricing or to set up an intake. We offer competitive rates both for straightforward estate plans and for advanced estate planning.

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